Tuesday, April 29, 2014

                      Lucky Notecards!
Lucky notes cards are unique and great for any occasion! With embossed borders, these high quality cards and envelopes are 5 x 7 and blank inside. Available in a variety pack of five or order five of one picture.

Lucky Exclamation Point!
Lucky High Five
Lucky Lessons Ages 9-95!
Lucky:Handle with Care

$5.00 per pack of five. (S & H $1.65 if applicable)
  Contact me at nancy.starewicz@gmail.com to order!

Monday, April 21, 2014

Lucky Visits Memorial K Students in Valpo!
We read the book Lucky:Handle with Care and learned to be careful with ourselves, others, and our pets. 
Lucky waits patiently.
We need to WAIT if we feel angry and not DO anything to others.
Lucky loves these "good hands!"
Lucky trusts hands and shows us her belly!
Lucky sits up to wave "goodbye."
Lucky had to run back and forth before she ate her treat.
 Lucky loves teachers too!
Thank you for inviting us to visit you all! Be sure and use those "good hands" to help each other!

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Lucky visits Kids First and the Y Preschool Kids!
Lucky waits patiently!
Lucky is friendly and shakes hands!
Lucky sits up and waves to the kids!
Lucky likes the "good hands!"
Everyone waves their good hands in the air!
What great listeners these kids were!
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Lucky says "Thanks for petting me so nicely!"

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Lucky visits the Hobart preschools for the Week of the Young Child!
Caring Hearts, Open Arms welcomed Lucky!
Lucky reads the word "operation" and shows the kids her belly!
Lucky loves these "good hands." We know that "hands are for helping, not hurting!"
The kids are good listeners like Lucky!
Miss Judy had some other pictures of furry Lucky!
Can you see why we call her "Lucky Bear" sometimes?
At Jack and Jill, we practiced all eight Lucky Lessons!
The kids learned that we need to use our hands for good things!
Lucky gives me the "Lucky Look" when I need her full attention. And look at her WAIT with that cheese on her nose!

Sunday, April 6, 2014

This is what Lucky believes. Don't worry! Trust that others will help you!
Lucky sees the Pacific Ocean in California!
Lucky sees lots of volleyballs at Redondo Beach plus this sand is fun to kick around!
Surf's up!
Lucky dances in Big Sur!
Lucky is a patient traveler!