Lucky Lessons: Ages 4-8

                                          Lucky Lessons- Ages 4-8

1) I can wait.
2) I sit when asked.
3) I am friendly to everyone.
4) I listen with my ears, eyes, and heart.
5) I keep my eyes on my teacher.
6) I am quiet when others are talking.
7) I eat good foods and drink water.
8) I exercise every day.

(These are all the behaviors that Lucky does well, but I still have to work on them!) 


  1. I was glad you came to Liberty Elementary in Hobart today with Lucky. She is so cute. Thanks for visiting us. Matthew (2nd Grade)

    1. Matthew,
      Thanks for writing on Lucky's blog! Maybe we'll see you tomorrow when we come back to Liberty. We love visiting your school. I'll make sure Lucky gets a good night's sleep.

      Mrs. Starewicz

  2. I'm glad that you decided to come to HMS yesterday. I really missed Lucky. It was awesome to see Lucky again.:)

  3. i want my brother to do that but i cant change him but i still love him evan though he gets up my nerve sometimes!!!!!!! maby thats my lesson to stop tring to change people!!!!!!! thank you for helping me rilize that!!!!