Lucky's Dog Care Tips

                                 Lucky's Dog Care Tips

Safety rule: Always ask a dog's owner “May I pet your dog?”

  1. Keep your dog inside if it's extremely cold or hot outside.
  2. Keep your dog on a leash whenever you are out side with no fence.
  3. Play fair with your dog. Teasing can make dogs mean.
  4. Give your dog quiet time to rest.
  5. Feed your dog healthy foods.
  6. Make fresh water available.
  7. Use your voice to discipline.
  8. Always take your dog outside at regular times. They need to know they can trust you to be unselfish and take of their needs.
  9. Dog obedience training will help your dog behave better.

By learning to take good care of our animals, we learn to take better care of ourselves and each other!


  1. Nice rules. I'll try to follow theses rules when I'm with my dog.

    1. Great! It's an awesome responsibility to take care of a dog!
      Mrs. Starewicz

  2. This is such a great tips for dog care that really very useful for all pet owners to know about how to care their dogs. It is essential for all pets owner to take care of their dogs that help to stay health and long life.

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  3. I had a dog once.He was a chihuahua that was named Tyson.We would try
    to train him with some dog treats and a clicker.

  4. ill try to but my dog is a guy and still a puppy