Monday, September 29, 2014

We take deep breaths for patience when we have to wait in life.
Look at these awesome 1st graders at Joan Martin School today!

Lucky is wearing a bow! 
Lucky reads the word "operation!"
Lucky lays on her back because she trusts my hands.
When we eat healthy treats, our brains work at just the right speed.
The Lucky Quiet Signal helps us be good listeners and keeps our hands busy.
This picture is called Patient Lucky!
We take pretend pictures of Lucky.
Lucky sits up to wave good bye!

Thank you for a great day!

Mrs. Starewicz and Lucky!

The Kids Power Fun Fest was a success!
 Over $1100  was raised for the Porter County Animal Shelter!
And this handsome lad is Big, a Great Dane and Sheep Dog mix!  He is about 2 years old and is up for adoption from Giant Paws. (Email Cathy at What an amazing dog! So well behaved!

Saturday, September 27, 2014

South Haven Elementary School Welcomes Lucky!
Patient Lucky!
Cheese is a healthy snack!
Look at all the good hands!
Lucky reads the word "operation!"
We take a pretend picture of Lucky waiting!
We take a deep breath for patience!
Lucky taps the paper after reading her word.

Monday, September 22, 2014

Memorial School Welcomes Lucky!
Lucky waits patiently with her treat on her nose.
Lucky shakes hands!
We are quiet when others are talking! Good job!
Look at all of these good hands! Lucky trusts all these hands!
Lucky listens with her ears, eyes and heart!
Lucky sits down when asked. If Lucky can do it, we can do it!
The Lucky Quiet Signal helps us WAIT to speak if we're angry.
What great 1st grade listeners we had today!
Thank you  for inviting us to Memorial today!