Saturday, July 28, 2012

     Lucky: Handle with Care!

News flash! Lucky: Handle with Care is  going to be our new book for fall! I am writing it (with help from Lucky) as we speak! Some of you may remember my talking about how friendly Lucky is? Even if someone grabs her tail, she doesn't DO anything back to that person. That's because she really believes that all people have good hands and would never do anything to hurt her. Wouldn't this world be a wonderful place if no one ever did anything bad with their hands? We'll send a preview of the new book soon! We hope YOU have done some good things today with your hands! Feel free to "comment" below!

                             Daughter-in-law Nora shows Lucky her "good hands."


  1. What a great topic, and YES, PLEASE God, help people NOT to do anything bad with their hands. We should all be kind with each other.