Thursday, November 21, 2013

Enjoy some fun photos from Joan Martin School! Thank you to all of the 1st and 2nd graders and their good hands! Lucky and I had a wonderful time! (2nd grade pictures are first!) Keep using those good hands to help each other! Mrs. Starewicz
Every dog likes to have her chin scratched!
Look at all of these "good hands!"
Lucky gives some kisses!
These boys are good at waiting patiently!
When we have to wait for things in life, it's good to practice!
We had good participation from our 2nd graders!
Lucky reads the word "operation!" She also spelled her name for us.
We need to pay attention all day to what we are doing with our hands. Lucky believes everyone has "good hands" and would never hurt her or each other.
It's not easy to wait with a treat on her nose and paws!

Lucky looks like she'd like to read a book!
Good job doing the Lucky Quiet Signal. This is good to do if we feel angry.

                      Lucky sits up and waves "hello!"
Lucky gives me her cute Lucky Look!

Was Lucky able to read the word "operation?" YES!

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