Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Lucky  believes.........
   We all will remember to be good listeners using our ears, eyes, and hearts. 
   We will all work hard every day, practicing things we want to do better.
   We will learn to accept each other with all of our differences, seeing all people as important and worthwhile just as they are.
    We will take good care of others, especially our pets and older people and all who cannot take care of themselves.
    We will take good care of our bodies by eating good foods and exercising to keep our bodies strong.
    We will be thankful for all of the things we truly need like shelter, food,  friends, family and life!
    We will be kind to others, using our words and hands only for helping, never hurting.


  1. Enjoyed catching up with your blog...and all those students with GOOD HANDS! Lucky is a trooper. You are doing such good things.

  2. I enjoyed catching up on your blog posts...look at all those students with their GOOD HANDS! You and Lucky are doing GOOD WORK!