Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Lucky enjoyed her walk this morning with the cool temperatures. We have not totally escaped the cold.......

Lucky sees the blankets covering the plants to keep them from freezing.
There's no real snow here but this snowman waves "hello" anyway!
Many driveways here are painted beautiful colors. Lucky looks like she's swimming  in an aqua swimming pool! You know how she likes to swim!
"Follow the yellow, I mean red brick road!" Lucky says!
And back to the snow.... Kids in Minnesota had fun building this 16 ft high shark!


  1. Oh Lucky! What beautiful walks you take! Tell your mama to get you a sled or cart & harness so you can do Urban Mushing like our Steve dog!

  2. Lucky seems to enjoy all of the different sights to see on her vacation. And how cool to be in Florida during this winter storm!