Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Questions about Lucky:
Lucky likes to chase the ball!

    We did get some questions from the 2nd graders in Mrs. Stamper's class:
 1) Will Lucky have puppies? 
     No, Lucky will not have puppies. They would have been cute but we decided there were enough other dogs that needed homes already.

2) Has Lucky ever gotten into a little bit of trouble?
      YES! In the book Lucky for You, I tell how she got out a window and went for a swim when we were gone. Also, she likes to bark at other dogs so she has to come inside when she does that. Lucky is not perfect but we love her.

3) When did you start writing about Lucky?
   I started writing about Lucky 7 years ago. I think she has a lot to teach all of us!

4) Which book did you write first?
   I wrote Lucky Lessons first.

5) How does Lucky wait so patiently?
   We worked with Lucky every day. First we put the food in front of her and she learned the word "no." Once she was able to leave it alone, we were able to put the food on her nose and paws.  Remember, Lucky practices her good behaviors every day and you can do the same! 

6) Does Lucky enjoy baths?
   Lucky is not crazy about getting a bath but she knows we are just trying to make her feel better. She feels better too when she is clean!


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