Tuesday, October 23, 2012

                                              Lucky Visits Hobart Middle School!

 Lucky and I would like to thank Mrs. Laco and Mrs. Halstead for inviting us to HMS this week. The 6th graders were outstanding! It was a real pleasure to do our program for such well behaved students. I read Lucky: Handle with Care, and some of the students talked about their pets. When we take care of our pets, we are thinking of someone other than ourselves and that teaches us to be responsible and unselfish. We all have the power to use our hands for helping, not hurting others.  Lucky really believes everyone in the world has "good hands!"  Enjoy some pictures below. We welcome comments and questions!

Lucky shows her belly when I use a hand signal. She responds to four hand signals, including sitting and speaking.


  1. That dog is so well trained its amazing.

  2. Lucky is so cute.

  3. Mrs.Starewicz,
    Thank you for the wonderful opportunity to meet you and lucky your sessions teach me something new to do with my pets and how to think of others and how they depend on me.♥

    Yours Truly, S.C
    Hobart Middle School

  4. The presentation was really cool. How did you teach her all those tricks?

  5. lucky is such a good dog how did you teach her those tricks my favorite one is the operation its so cute
    i have to dogs there both pugs 1 is tan and the other is black
    thank you so much for bringing lucky to my school :)

  6. Lucky is a well behaved dog , my dog I have I am trying to train him properly because he acts like he is the man of our house do you know any tips to train a dog ? ~Lia 6th grade HMS

  7. Yesterday on April 23,2013 we we,re in the library and Mrs.Halstead did the same thing so funny and she didin't take the treat htat time either how dose she know???