Thursday, October 18, 2012

                                           Mrs. Erb's Class at Ridgeview!
    Lucky and I were so pleased to get wonderful letters from the students in Mrs. Erb's 3rd grade class at Ridgeview School in Hobart. The students had very nice things to say about Lucky's behavior and her new book, Lucky:Handle with Care: 

       "I think that your book was horribly great."
       "Thank you for teaching us The Lucky Quiet signal. Now everyone is using it. Kids really listen now, including me."
    " When I am mad, I pet my dog."
    " You are two of the most amazing people I have ever met!"

  Some students had questions for us:
 1) When is Lucky's birthday?  Answer: Lucky's birthday is December 19 so she was almost a Christmas puppy.


 2) What is Lucky going to be for Halloween? Answer: I think she will be wearing a cute Halloween headband. That way, everyone will finally know she's a girl!
 3)  How did we teach Lucky to leave the treat on her nose?  Answer: We started by teaching her the word "no" and then we placed the treat closer and closer to her until she learned to leave it alone. Lastly, we were able to put treats on her nose and paws.
 4) Do I ever get mad at Lucky?  Answer: Lucky is not perfect. I have never met a perfect person or dog, have you? So when she does something wrong, we show her we are not happy with her behavior by using our words and a firm tone of voice. We never yell at her or hit her. Pets are very sensitive, and we don't want her to ever be afraid of us.  We always love Lucky no matter what she does and we tell her so.
  5) What schools do we go to do programs? Answer: We go to many schools in Hobart and Indiana,  including some middle schools and preschools. Lucky even does her programs for adults who enjoy seeing her "good behaviors." No one is too old or too young to learn from Lucky!

 Many of the students said they will only be using their hands for doing good things now. Wouldn't the world be a wonderful place if each of us took responsibility for our own hands and we only did GOOD things? Lucky is very proud to know YOU!

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