Friday, December 5, 2014

Hello Bailey Elementary!
   Lucky and I were so excited to come and visit you yesterday. We hope you keep practicing your Lucky Look and Lucky Lips to help you pay attention and listen while others are talking. Your behavior was awesome during our programs!

       Always remember to be the best YOU you can be!

Mrs. Cox tries to get Lucky to eat her cheese on her nose and paws. But Lucky knows to only listen to her teacher and parent if someone dares her to do something.
In our story I'd Rather Be Lucky Than Good, we meet Good who is a dog who tries to be perfect. He never moves from his dog bed but we soon see that LIFE is about meeting new people and going new places like Lucky does.
Lucky can read the word "operation!"
Doesn't Lucky look like a teddy bear from the back?!
Lucky enjoys all of the "good hands" petting her. She believes no one would ever use their hands to hurt her or each other.
Thank you for a great day!
Enjoy more pictures of Lucky at the top of this page. Click on Lucky Pictures!

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