Saturday, December 6, 2014

Lucky visited Hamilton and Polk Elementary Schools!

This bright sign welcomed us!
We talked about how Lucky trusts hands. She believes none of us would ever use our hands to hurt her or others. We are all very fragile and break easily! We must be careful and take care of each other.
The students do a good job of practicing their Lucky Lips to help them be good listeners and be quiet when someone else is talking.
In our Christmas book, we met a dog named Good who is too afraid to ever leave his dog bed. Lucky, on the other hand, goes out and about in the world every chance she gets. LIFE is more interesting that way!
Lucky is always asking herself  "What would my teacher or parent say?" if someone dares her to do something. She knows she should "wait" and think first!
Mrs. Renn tries to get Lucky to eat her cheese! Lucky is so good at waiting and we can be too if we practice like Lucky!

Thank you for a wonderful week! We enjoyed seeing all of our friends in Lake Station!

Mrs. Starewicz and Lucky

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